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NGI incorporates a united team of highly qualified and experienced professionals from within the built-environment with a diverse set of skills and considerable levels of expertise in the management, technical and research sectors.
This gives us access to a large pool of human and technical resources which forms the foundation of the company and is the fundamental criteria for the successful delivery of every project that is undertaken.
Every project, big or small, simple or complex is approached with professional integrity. We achieve this by providing exclusive and impartial customized services that suit the requirements of the project in order to achieve the goals of both the client and the company. Hence, NGI is committed to working in unison with our client from the outset to assess the scope of the of the project, address possible risks, establish time frames and objectives, and implement mutually agreed-upon strategies for achieving the deliverables.

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Our goal is to achieve all of this without compromise, giving us the benefit of being a cut above the rest in the industry

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Throguh our dedicated teams we can solve your needs and requirments in the built environment using spicialised teams and services at our disposal

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